You’re the person everyone turns to. Who supports you?


You are responsible to so many people. Sometimes it feels like the work will never be finished. When you get home you just want it to be a calm place to put your feet up, but you can’t seem to get your mind to slow down.

LGBTQ Friendly Therapy

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You hold yourself to extremely high standards. It helps you to get done what needs to be done. But it never feels like enough, and in the meantime you’re missing out on your life.

Let me help you get back to the things that really matter to you.

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New and Expectant moms

You’ve been waiting to meet this little person for almost a year. It’s exciting, exhilarating, and oh so terrifying. When you add anxiety and depression fueled by hormones to the mix, things can get hard.

Let me be here for you so you can be here for your little one.

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The teen years are hard. The safe relationship you worked so hard to create with your child seems to be unraveling. The decisions they make now can have lifelong consequences, and all you really want is for them to be safe.

Let me be someone your teen can turn to, that you can trust.