Bringing therapy to you.

  • Therapy is personal and your privacy is paramount. With online therapy, you don't have to worry about awkward glances in the waiting room. You don't have to worry that someone in your small town might recognize you leading to uncomfortable questions. We will meet over a secure video conferencing software. Your information and identity are protected, and we still get the opportunity to see each other as though we're in the same room.


  • Your time is valuable. Online therapy removes the need to commute. Your schedule is already packed, and although you recognize that therapy is valuable, it can be stressful adding another place you need to be at another time. Your day can get eaten up in the hours between destinations, leading your already packed days feeling untenable. With online therapy, there is no need for commute. A 60 minute session can be just that, instead of having to factor in travel time.


  • Travel is part of your lifestyle. Your work can take you to the far corners of the state. It can be hard to balance the demands of a job that has you traveling, and still make regular appointments. Online therapy makes that possible. No more confusing schedule juggling because you're going to be doing a work project out of town. I currently serve clients in New Mexico and Virginia.


How I found Online Therapy

Therapy has always been a huge part of my life. When I was younger, it was what got me through the challenging teen years, and now that I'm older it is my opportunity to give back some of what I've gained from this line of work. When I started considering moving out of state, the thought of losing my therapist made me take pause.

I know first hand how overwhelming and stressful it can be to start a new therapeutic relationship.

I get why people wouldn't want to do it even when they know how important therapy is in their lives. Even though I feel that my personal therapy is hugely important for myself personally and professionally, the idea of having to start over felt insurmountable. Then I thought about so many of my clients who have discontinued therapy because they moved when they weren't necessarily ready and I started to think there must be a better way.

Moving was put on hold when I became pregnant with my first child. It was then that I started to realize just how much time is lost in the day driving from one location to another. As a working mom, I want to spend as much time with my family as I can, while still doing the work that has meant so much in my life. It has occurred to me that if I feel so strongly about this, my clients must be having similar experiences. There must be some way to protect time with family while still making it to appointments.

This is where online therapy comes in.

Reducing commute means you get more time with family, but it also means that you get to be in familiar and comfortable surroundings during your session. Although I have always worked hard to make my therapy office a safe and comfortable space, there's just no competition with your own home with your own pets. Online therapy also means you have so many more professionals to choose from.

Therapy is all about finding a person who fits your needs, your personality, and your lifestyle.

If you're ready to learn more and see if you and I might be a good fit, you can call me at (888) 242-9345 or email me at