Is Chronic Anxiety Straining Your Relationships And Making Your Life Unbearable?

Do you live each day with an unexplained feeling of dread, as if something big is about to go wrong at any second? Does your mind race constantly with thoughts of how you could somehow prevent this imminent, yet unexplainable disaster? You may have trouble sleeping because of these racing thoughts of potential solutions to potential problems. There may be an ever-growing list in your head of things that need to get done, and the thought of accidentally forgetting one makes you feel almost nauseated with worry. But even if you do remember everything that you need to do, you may still feel anxious about not having enough time to complete the tasks at hand.


Perhaps you feel that things are always on the verge of falling apart, and it’s mere luck that you have been able to make it this far. Maybe you worry that you could have a panic attack at any moment. For you, life is not about living each moment to the fullest (though you would if you could) but about waiting for the other shoe to drop. You may be hyper-vigilant, waiting to respond to threats that never manifest. When small problems or complications do arise, they seem like the end of the world. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed for reacting so strongly to things that, in hindsight, don’t seem like that big of a deal.

Maybe you have even noticed your relationships starting to suffer as a result of your chronic anxiety. The significant people in your life may complain that you’re not really “present” because you seem to always be preoccupied with fending off impending disasters. You may be thinking, “If I could just calm down, I could enjoy my life. If only you knew how to be fully present and not “on guard” all the time.” You know that life is not always perfect or stable, but you just want to have some semblance of control, rather than feeling ambushed by your emotions.

Do you wish you could live a worry-free life? Are you ready to reach out and take the next step to seek anxiety help and improve your mental health?


Traumatic Childhoods And Genetic Factors Create Chronic Anxiety For Many People

Anxiety disorders, or struggles with anxiety in general, are extremely common in adults—more so than you probably realize.

For many people, the root of the problem is due to inconsistent relationships with caregivers when they were young. Some people may have felt that they had to impress their caregivers to be valued or found their caregiver intimidating somehow. Others may have had parents who worked all the time or a parent who came in and out of their life; consequently, breaking promises or creating competition with siblings for the limited attention their parents had to give. Still others may have been held to extremely high, unrealistic standards growing up. Now the fear of falling short or causing disappointment affects every decision they make.

But even if your childhood was idyllic, anxiety disorder can be genetic. It may not be traceable to a specific event or relationship. No matter the cause, though, working with an experienced anxiety therapist can help you better learn to manage your anxiety symptoms. You can create a healthier life for yourself that is not defined by perpetual fear.

Online Anxiety Therapy Can Put You In Charge And In Better Control Of Your Symptoms

Anxiety therapy is incredibly effective at helping people learn to manage anxiety symptoms. My role as an anxiety therapist is to help you understand why you feel the way you do, which will help you to respond more appropriately to anxious feelings when they occur. For example, when you are feeling panic or dread, instead of escaping the feelings or coming down hard on yourself, you might be able to recognize that you feel this way because of what happened to you in the past, not because there is anything truly wrong now.

Through therapy, you can learn to better recognize your state of control. You can practice letting the rest go and still feel safe—both in your circumstances and in your personal relationships. As you describe some of the emotions that come up most, we will discuss, step-by-step, how to respond to those feelings.

I offer a safe, compassionate environment and a down-to-earth approach for anxiety help. Together, we will work to problem-solve, heal, and improve your relationships. My therapeutic approaches are never standardized but always tailored to the unique needs of my clients. Best of all, because this therapy takes place online, any fears you may have about popping a tire on the way to the office will be completely alleviated!

You can absolutely feel safer in your life and in your relationships. And you can learn to trust yourself so that even when things are going wrong, you know that you are competent and in control enough to be able to get through it.


You May Have Some Concerns About Anxiety Therapy…

Isn’t therapy expensive?

Don’t think of therapy as a financial expense. Rather, it’s an investment that you make in yourself and in your peace of mind. By investing in anxiety therapy today, you are ensuring a healthier future.

I’m uncomfortable talking to a stranger about my problems.

I totally get it. However, it can be beneficial to have an unbiased third party listen to your concerns, rather than someone who might be too emotionally involved to be able to read the situation clearly. I can provide an objective perspective and help you learn how to feel safe in new relationships.

Online therapy sounds kind of weird.

It may seem strange to have such intimate discussions with someone through the internet, but there are many benefits to online therapy. Being online means you are saving time. No more sitting in traffic to drive to your therapist’s office. You can also save money on gas. Best of all online therapy allows you to be in your own space, where you will likely feel more comfortable and at ease. No more sitting on someone else’s couch.

Schedule Your Appointment With An Anxiety Therapist

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