I help teens thrive

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As the parent of a teen, you know the stress that today’s teens confront every day; endlessly swamped with social commitments, struggling for perfection, and under the spotlight of social media.

Whether your teen feels strained mentally and emotionally or striving to make progress toward that next big breakthrough, I am tuned in to the unique struggles and strengths of teens.

From treating anxiety and depression in teenagers to helping teens thrive, my sessions are designed to provide the best in teen counseling.

What will counseling address?

If any of the following are causing strain on the teen and their relationships, therapy will be helpful:

  • Your teen is withdrawn.

  • Their relationships are changing and you’re having a hard time communicating

  • They are experiencing mood swings and behavioral changes.

  • The teen struggling with stress and managing responsibilities.

  • They recently experienced a major transition, such as divorce, moving, or changes at school.

What is a teen counseling session like?

In my teen counseling sessions, I collaborate with both teens and parents to create autonomy and privacy, along with input and support from parents.

The work I do focuses on empowering teens to strengthen vital relationships and use behavioral tools to manage overwhelming emotions in any setting.

At an age where identity and self-worth are always being tested, it is vital to explore and push boundaries in a safe, contained environment.

Together, we’ll build skills to help your teen be successful and make the most out of these years.

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