I will help you get back to the things that really matter.

Being hard on yourself is the only way you’ve been able to find to motivate yourself, but it’s not working for you anymore.

Everything is riding on you.

You made it. The test you needed to pass, the school you needed to get into, the competition you had to overcome, getting your foot in the door for the career you’ve been chasing, climbing the ladder; every time there is an obstacle you get through it or grind to improve until you can. You get things done.

You are still trying to get through school, navigate a job, or build your own business, all while trying to manage the relationships in your life.

You’re striving to keep making progress while managing the stress that comes with being responsible for big decisions.

You do everything you can to do your part and meet your deadlines, you try to be encouraging and supportive of those you manage, and you are attentive to your supervisors’ goals. You strive to be an asset they can count on.

Anxiety can be paralyzing and keep you from moving forward. You can stay stuck comparing yourself to others. Worse still, the demands to achieving your goals can make it challenging to adequately nurture your relationships at home.

Depression may not prevent you from doing what you need to, but it definitely makes every step heavier.

You want to do more, but it feels like you are nearing your limits.

But what if you could feel less dread around the next looming project? What if you could be better equipped to handle the tasks you set yourself to and more confident that you can handle whatever happens?

That’s where I come in.

Scheduling with me will help if you:

  • Experience imposter syndrome

  • Feel alienated from people you care about

  • You’re starting to feel burnt out

  • You second guess your decisions

Therapy will help you:

  • Overcome self doubt

  • Invest in your relationships

  • Balance work life and home life

  • Feel confident

  • Communicate effectively

You don’t have to feel this way anymore, and you don’t have to struggle through it by yourself. Let me help.

Schedule a session today.