I will help you feel like yourself again.

Therapy to help you through the transition into motherhood, so that it can be less fear and anxiety, and more of the wonder and contentment that you want it to be.

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You were in awe when you found out you were pregnant.

It was exciting and terrifying all at once. All you’ve ever wanted was to be the best mom possible for your child. You know that it is the most important job you will ever have, so you want to do it right. But now that they’re here, you feel like you’re being crushed by the weight of the responsibility. Your mind feels like it’s constantly spinning with lists of things you need to do (and make sure that you don’t do). But every day something falls through the cracks, and so every day you are a little bit more sure that you weren’t cut out for this. You feel like you are already failing.

This is not how you envisioned these first few weeks with your little one.

You thought you would be over the moon, not crying all the time.

Being a new mom is the most amazing experience. The opportunity to create a safe and loving environment for your tiny person is an unbelievable gift. But the transition can be painful.

It’s normal to have moments wishing things could go back to ‘before baby’ normal.

It’s okay if you catch yourself wishing that you could just sleep through the night again, and fantasizing about the time before baby. You might even find yourself questioning why you decided to get pregnant. Many women feel as though they lose themselves in the experience, and you might be wondering when you’re going to recognize yourself in the mirror.

Motherhood takes a toll on your body, your mind, and your emotions.

Take a breath, Mama.

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Right now you might feel like you are cracking under the pressure, but once you give yourself permission to be less than perfect, things can feel so much better. You will adjust to your new normal, and over time the balancing act of being mom will start to feel more comfortable to you. You will never be the perfect mom (because it doesn’t exist) but you can be a great mom. You will learn your baby (it doesn’t always feel like you have a tiny, screaming stranger in the house) and the two of you will come to understand each other better.

In the meantime, your only job is to do your best, take care of yourself, and bond with your baby.

Harder than it sounds, I know.

That’s where I come in.

New motherhood is a huge transition, it makes sense that you need some guidance and support along the way. Sometimes just having someone to tell you that you aren’t crazy, it really is that hard, can go a long way.

You will benefit from therapy if

  • You are having difficulty bonding with your baby

  • You are so busy worrying about all of the details that you are missing out on enjoying this time

  • You are feeling alienated from your friends and family

  • You are having trouble sleeping (in the rare moments you have to sleep, that is)

  • You are second guessing yourself so much you feel paralyzed and having difficulty making decisions

If you tended to be anxious before you had a baby, that might be magnified now. If you tended to be depressed before baby, the depression might be trying to swallow you whole now. And it’s not that you haven’t dealt with these emotional pitfalls before, it’s just that this time with your little one is precious.

Your time can be put to much better use than struggling alone through this emotional mess fueled by crazy hormones.

This time should be about resting, recuperating, learning your new normal and settling into a routine, and most important of all, falling in love with the newest member of your family.

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Falling in love with your baby is not always instantaneous.

And if it wasn’t for you, that’s okay. Therapy can teach you how to be more present and provide more opportunities for you and your infant to bond.

I will help you

  • Identify if there was any birth or pregnancy trauma that might be affecting your ability to be present with your little one so we can work through it

  • Understand how your own childhood might be affecting the way that you experience being a new parent, so that you can be empowered to interact differently

  • Strengthen your relationships and support network in this time of transition

  • Identify and explore your anxiety so that we can start to work through it more effectively, so your days are not dominated by worry and fear.

Being a new mom is a complicated, wonderful, and challenging experience.

No matter how much you tried to prepare yourself, it just isn’t possible to be completely ready.

Although your time is currently dominated by feeling worried, anxious, and fearful, you can absolutely connect to the love and wonder that comes with this experience.

You can be a mom and feel like yourself. Your baby wants and needs to get to know you.

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